Seven Reasons Why You Should Sell Home to ‘We Buy Houses’ Companies

You are thinking through the many choices that lie in front of you, you are at crossroads and still unsure and uncertain as to what path or route to take, whether to go for the traditional Realtor route or a We Buy Houses Jacksonville company to help you in selling your house. The major contemplation is between “real estate agents” and house buyers. Whether the “Realtor” way still holds good or you need someone for quick and fast selling like house buyers. It’s clear that there is only one thing standing tall between you and selling your house – this million-dollar question! The approach to this returning, nagging thought and feeling can be found right here!

A Quick Walk-Through of Selling Your House with the Help of a “Realtor”

The Fundamentals involved are:

1. Going the “Realtor” route involves paying the typical 6% commissions or fees upon final closing. This amount will definitely burn a hole into the money coming your way by selling your house fast. Not just that, it will be an additional cost, there may be some other closing costs involved too.

2. When in engagement with a “real estate agent,” the sale time can vary. In the sense, it could be done in a jiffy without even taking note of how long the entire process took or it may take anywhere between or over 6-12 months. Finding the right buyer can definitely be a gamble.

3. An open house for potential buyers involves prepping, staging and cleaning and this will eat into money, time, and effort which do not necessarily guarantee a sale. It could mean doing the same process over and over again till the right person comes by.

Let’s Look at the Sealed Advantages of Selling Your House to a ‘We Buy Houses’ Company:

•  A house buying company takes away one added stress during the sale process which is – when going the house buyers’ way, you don’t need to clean, renovate, repair, stage or prep your house for potential buyers. You can sell your house “As Is”, no matter ugly or pretty. So, with the least amount of time and effort, your house can be sold to a ‘We Buy Houses’ company.

•  Another advantage is that the house buyers’ route involves 0% fees or commissions.

•  Not only is there no fees or commissions, but they also offer cash for the sale of your house! Whatever the amount was offered will be the final amount you get while closing!

•  A competitively priced offer is made, once the paperwork is drawn up, you can close the entire deal with them in about 7 days! No need of open ended waiting periods or indefinite periods. You know, with them you can close soon.

•  Most of all, this process is a hassle-free and stress-free option. It all happens seamlessly and without that much added effort!

•  A sale with house buyers is guaranteed as you deal directly with them and there are no middlemen involved. You know exactly what is happening and you are completely clued in.

A Little Bit About House Buyers

Professional house buyers are well-established which has been in the industry for a long period and they know what they are doing. Also, having physical office spaces, you know they are not going anywhere. You can approach them anytime!

Contacting home buyers is as easy as it gets – just pick up the phone or fill out the online form. State your issue and within no time, they will get back to you with a competitive offer. Upon accepting that offer, the paperwork is drawn up and then they offer you all cash for the sale of your house. All you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to kick start your new beginning!

Whether you are moving out, changing houses, relocating or you have an inherited home, or on the contrary, you are facing some pressing issues like personal problems, health issues, old age, foreclosure, job loss or facing any situation which requires you to sell home fast, then you can do so with the help of We Buy Houses companies. Whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, they are here to ease your situation and help you gain that momentum back and kick start your life!

Looks like the cash house buyers are the go-to people without doubt as they offer the perfect magic potion!

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