How Real Estate Investment Company Can Help to Sell Your Home?

We are a professional home -buying company based in California. We help you to get out of your cumbersome, stressful periods when you trying to sell your house. You may want to sell the house for various reasons, it may be due to foreclosure, or maybe you are moving out or you just need some finance in hand after selling your property. Whatever be the reason look no further to find a good buyer for your property, we give you instant cash transactions within seven days of the deal.

How we work?

Our process of working with homeowners is quite simple. In just four simple ways you can be at peace and sell your house and move on.

  • Tell us about your property
  • If your property meets our criteria, we instantly offer you a deal
  • It is now up to you, to accept or leave our deal within 24 hours
  • We follow no pressure policy and no commission fees. We offer a fairly written settlement to you with a fair price deal
  • Once our deal is successfully accomplished we offer instant cash within just seven days.

  We do not list your houses; we are the ones who actually buy your house. You do not need to renovate or make cosmetic repairs to your house. We buy houses in all conditions, whatsoever condition it is in. We buy your houses, and the repairs and renovations are our responsibility not yours. You can be free after selling your house to us.

You must be thinking do we really pay fair prices for your house?

Many of the houses that we buy are below the market value. We do this so that we can resell it at a higher price to another homeowner. You need pay any handsome amount on the repair and renovation of your houses, and we deal at 0% commission and no estate agent fees. You need not wait long for financing, just a simple fair-win deal with us will be sufficient to you.

How we determine the price we offer you?

Our process to determine the correct value for your property is simple. We consider the location of the property, the repairs and renovations needed to set up the house in a presentable for, and the values of the comparable houses in the neighborhood. We take into considerations all these factors and give you the best deal possible according to the current market prices.

We are very unlike the real estate agents. Their job is to list your property and find buyers for you. And once you find the correct buyer through them, they take a percentage of the selling value from you. But we are very different. Our real investment companies in California actually buy the house directly from you. We do not list your houses. We are the ones actually buying your house and we pay for these in cash within just seven days that too at 0% commission or estate agent fees. We take the risk of buying your house, handling the repairs and renovations with our own cash and attempting to market your property to potential buyers at a good price.

We force upon absolutely no obligations on you. Once you contact us and tell us about your property you wish to sell, we take barely few hours and give you a call back with a fair-deal. From there on it’s 100% your call on whether you wish to take the deal forward or not. We do not believe in pressuring policy. We do not hassle you, we do not harass you, and it is entirely your decision to decide if the deal is just perfect to you or not.

So it’s time to skip the long waiting time to sell your property, the cumbersome search to find the correct buyer, and the high commission and estate agent fees charged by the property dealers. We assure you a win-win solution to your home selling cumbersome task.

Tips for Finding a Realty Company That Says “I Buy Houses”

Real estate investment companies buy houses for cash and fast. You may have come across such realty companies with adverts such as – I buy houses in Jacksonville or simply I buy houses.

These companies run businesses of buying and selling of properties with a different model. They buy houses in any condition (as is) and for cash. They repair or beautify the property themselves before selling it for a profit. These buyers are investors and they have access to funds for buying houses quickly and for cash. So, how do you find such a company to sell your house?

Here are some tips to find a realty company that says ‘I buy houses’.

1. Begin the search covering your local area first. A realty company with offices in your city or town will have a better idea of realty market in your local area. They will have a better awareness of the investment opportunities in your neighborhood and will be able to offer you a great deal if your property is worth it.

Another advantage of working with a local company is that you can begin the process of selling and buying immediately. When you contact a realty company for selling your house, they will send someone to examine the property. It is a necessary step so that they can make you an offer as soon as possible. So, if you live in Jacksonville, look for companies that put up ads such as – I buy houses. If you don’t have a realty company in your city, look in the neighboring towns and surrounding areas.

2. Conduct a thorough search before meeting with a realty company’s representative. When you are selling a property, you need to deal with a realty company that is genuine. Check their websites. Look for client testimonials. See if they have listed their office addresses and contact details properly.

You can differentiate between a genuine company and one that is not by the information present on their websites. If they have social media accounts, check them out to know what other homeowners they have associated with in the past are saying about them. Check the reviews and the feedback. If your friends or acquaintances have sold properties to realty companies then ask them for names. Just take some time for research before you contact the first company you come across through advertisements.

3. Choose a company that is responsive. A genuine company won’t waste your time. They will quickly respond to your inquiry and schedule a time for an in-person visit to your property. Upon completion of the evaluation, they will make you can offer within hours or days. They will also be willing and ready to answer any query might have about the process or the contract.

4. Select a company that makes you an offer without any obligation from your end. Authentic realty companies will make you an offer but won’t force you to accept it. You may come across some buyers who insist on an agreement before they make an offer. But this practice is not right and doesn’t work in favor of homeowners.

5. Go with a company that won’t try to take advantage of your situation. Realty companies that buy houses for cash often deal with homeowners who need to sell their houses for urgent funds. An authentic company with honest business practice will offer you a fair deal depending on the state of your house.

If you are selling a house that needs repairs, simply deduct the cost of repairs in the final valuation of your house. Consider their fast service and immediate cash payments as benefits and simply do not remain fixated on the value of the property as per the current market value. A genuine company won’t try to rip off you. They will make you an offer that you don’t have to accept. They will help you understand the contract and provide you copies of the paperwork.

Use these simple tips to find the right realty company that can buy your house as is and for cash.

Know More about One Percent Commission Realtors

Is this the first time you have heard about or come across one percent commission realtors? Have you not heard about them before? Yes. You know and have interacted with realtors who operate in a certain way. But one percent commission realtors? Not really. Now your curiosity gets the better of you and you want to know more about one percent commission realtors. And there’s nothing wrong about that. You have to be in the know. As it will help you in future and you will also be able to share this knowledge with your friends or other likeminded people who want to sell their house.Is this the first time you have heard about or come across one percent commission realtors? Have you not heard about them before? Yes. You know and have interacted with realtors who operate in a certain way. But one percent commission realtors? Not really. Now your curiosity gets the better of you and you want to know more about one percent commission realtors. And there’s nothing wrong about that. You have to be in the know. As it will help you in future and you will also be able to share this knowledge with your friends or other likeminded people who want to sell their house.

Introducing- The one percent commission realtors

As you are referring to these house buyers as the 1 percent commission realtors in California, it is apparent that their operational style and modus operandi is starkly different and not something that you have seen or heard till now. At the base of it, these realtors want to ensure that the entire process of house buying and selling starting with the property listing and finally finding the buyer and selling your house is very simple.

And how the one percent commission realtors really work would be as detailed below:

Essentially, their process is contained and captured in about 15 handy steps. And within these steps, the MLS, multiple listing services, finding buyers, interacting and finalizing to selling the property is captured and the realtors will complete it all and charge only one percent commission for the many services rendered.

As part of this if you agree to the one percent commission realtors’ way, you would see benefits in the form of:
1. Being the home seller, you see maximum traction, the best value and full service listing there is in the real estate market.

2. And it is true, that there is no one who comes remotely close or offers a service of this size and degree.

3. Your property gets good exposure as it is part of the MLS, multiple listing services wherein it is listed in leading and high traffic real estate sites in the country.

4. The process is simple, straightforward, easy, and fast. That is your property listing can be quickly uploaded, easily managed thanks to the great user interface and in about 24 hours, you are listed too.

5. The one percent commission realtors cover most parts of California.

6. It is natural to have some lingering doubts, or some questions about whether it is chargeable, or if there are any fees to be paid. Not to worry, there are no charges applicable. You only pay the realtors the prescribed one percent commission if you are selling a house by owner in California.

7. Now, if you are wondering how much would the one percent commission really translate to? You want to be doubly sure, and that is good to cover all bases. In the least your one percent commission to realtors would be a minimum of $2000 that has to be paid finally at closing.

8. You can list your property for as long as you want. It is flexible and there are no riders associated.

9. You can share as many pictures permitted by the multiple listing services.

10. If you are not comfortable to post your phone number, not to worry, you don’t really have to.

11. You can post as many open house postings as you want to.

12. Again, if you found a buyer or if you have second thoughts, you don’t have to hesitate, you can cancel your property listing at any time.

13. From the time you list your property to identifying and honing down the right buyer the one percent commission realtors are with you.

14. You also get loads of advice and suggestions and these realtors will represent you in the sales transaction.

15. If any negotiations are required, the experienced realtors will negotiate on your behalf.

16. The realtors will coordinate with all concerned parties, for Escrow, and title deed change.

17. If you are still in doubt, and second-guessing this route, you can just visit the testimonials section of the one percent commission realtors and you can see the very positive customer feedback that bears testimony to these realtors’ services.

One percent commission realtors- It cannot get easier than this!

How much easier than this can it get? Where you are practically taken care of every step of the way. It is so fast, paperless and the transactions and everything is upfront and there are no hidden contingencies or clauses. And more than anything, the one percent commission realtors have your interests in mind, watch out for you, and negotiate on your behalf so that you realize the maximum benefits when selling your house and all you have to pay in return is just one percent commission!

Advantages of Companies that Buy Houses for Cash

First off, let’s list out what are some compelling reasons that prompt you to sell your house fast, and yes, since there are two sides to a coin, the happenings can range from happy to unsure to gloomy scenarios too.

And a couple positives would be:

  • You are upsizing and want to sell your present home
  • You are relocating for better job prospects
  • A promotion and a transfer heralds good tidings
  • You’re getting married
  • You’re aging and want to move closer to where your kids reside

And a couple negatives would be:

  • You’re downsizing as you cannot manage and pay the mortgage
  • Foreclosure blues
  • Business loss and you may have to declare bankruptcy
  • You’ve been pink slipped
  • Bad health and old age- a deadly combo
  • A death, separation, or divorce

Owing to these situations and a lot of other factors locked into it, you want to sell your house fast and you know the real estate agent’s processes are long-drawn and you cannot wait it out and that is why you need cash homebuyers that will buy my house in Jacksonville or anywhere in Florida.

The Advantages of Companies that Buy Houses for Cash would be:

You get to sell your house in its as-is condition!

You may think this is unreal, but it is a fact. House buyers buy your house in whatever condition it is in. However it is, whether it has been well-maintained or otherwise, if its condition is not great or it is dirty and unkempt, house buyers will still make an offer for your house. The appearance and looks of your house is immaterial to them. Your house may be a pretty or even an ugly house, it may be relatively new, or a very old house, the conditions, and other aspects notwithstanding, these cash house buyers buy ugly houses in Jacksonville, in the condition it is in.

The house sale process is really fast!

When you take the known, traditional way of selling your house, there are some known, prescribed ways of selling it. And the time taken is not predictable too. It can take anywhere between 6 months to a year or more because it is dependent on real estate market conditions, the neighborhood, size, age, and the asking price. And yes, you have to pay the mandatory 6% commissions to the realtor.

If your circumstances don’t allow this, you need to go with house buyers who have proven to buy a house on the spot and then the sale process is pretty fast and the time taken is known and the closing will happen within that time. The time taken is swift and quick and you get cash for your house too.

Well-suited and convenient

One of the advantages of companies that buy houses for cash is the indefinite wait to sell your house is pretty non-existent when it comes to home buyers. Once the house buyer makes the offer price and it is finalized then the ball is set in motion and the processes move ahead seamlessly. So whatever situation you are in, be it a positive or a negative scenario, you need to sell your house quickly and you want to get cash for your house. That is pretty achievable and doable when it comes to house buyers and convenience is definitely noticeable.

Problems or Uncertainty is avoided thanks to house buyers!

One of the advantages of cash home buying companies is that when you plan on selling the realtors’ way, it may not really be apparent, but there is a lot of uncertainty or problems that may surface suddenly. Now supposing, even if a buyer makes an offer or meets your asking price, then the buyer will take time to apply for a loan and take care of things at their end so that they can buy your house. But in the interim, due to some unavoidable reason, their loans may not be approved, or they are forced to renege on the deal. At such times, the ambiguity can be killed. But that is not something you will face with cash homebuyers. From the word go, everything is as stated, there are no hidden clauses or there will be no backtracking, everything is completed and finalized within the stipulated time.

Hassle-free and stress-free process- Thanks to house buyers

A couple advantages of cash home buyers have been listed here which gives you a sound insight into the way homebuyers operate and the many advantages they come with. So, now that you are in the know, and if you are circumstantially pushed to selling your house fast, you know who will give you a helping hand, house buyers of course!

Want to Know? How to Sell Your House Fast to a “We Buy Houses” Company? Find out Here!

If you want to know how to sell your house fast to a “We Buy Houses” Company or if you want to know how to identify a dependable home buying company, here are a couple points to nudge you in that direction:

  • When you are looking for house buyers, you should really seek the qualities they come with. Which is they are empathetic to your situation and requirement. They do not second guess you or even doubt why you may want to sell a house fast in Jacksonville to a “We Buy Houses” Company. They know you would have a proper, valid reason to do so and that is why you are specifically seeking a “We Buy Houses” Company.
  • Homebuyers who are approachable, unassuming, and easily accessible are another of those distinguishable qualities. And if you see or recognize these qualities, then you know you have met the right We Buy Houses Company to whom you can confidently sell your house fast to.
  • A house buyer who is with you every step of the way, from the time an offer price is made and then during the time taken for title transfer and other formalities of the sale to be completed and most of all, a house buying company who follows through and is available to clear any doubts or questions you may have, is another key identifier.
  • Just because you’re selling your house fast or the fact that you’re selling your house does not mean in any which way that it has to be construed as a negative sentiment or anything. Circumstantially, you are doing it and that is all. Tomorrow, you will move on and buy another house and life goes on.
  • In the interim, to make the whole buying or you selling your house fast experience memorable, if your house buying company actually helps ease the process and makes it hassle-free with the least amount of botheration and by the end of it, you didn’t even know how time passed. And you are closing the sale too. If a house buying company takes out time, to give you something to remember by, even in such a scenario, then that is a point to be noted, isn’t it? Just imagine how many house buyers, or home buyers or even real estate agents would actually go out of their way to do something like this? Yes. Think about it. It is food for thought, literally.
  • With every house buying or selling, if a house buyer feels that it is a big learning and derives something from it and uses every experience to better their services, then that is really big. Because, you as a customer is well-regarded and homebuyers are cognizant of what and why you are selling your house fast and then, they attempt to take the salient points from this experience to improve and augment their future business interactions. So in a way, the house buyer is striving to do their best, and this is a quality that cannot be overlooked.
  • And yes lastly, if you are in the market to sell your house fast and in its very condition, and the fact that you want a cash offer for your house, then you have these specifics in mind already. Then that is what a house buying company is there to cater to also. House buyers know what it is and this is not something that realtors will be able to do for you. So in a way, this is something we do and undertake, so then, why not? We buy your house fast and you save on time, money, and energy too.

Now here’s How to Sell Your House Fast to a “We Buy Houses” Company? 

The points above gave you an insight as to how to identify certain key qualities that a “We Buy Houses” Company should have. Now to further this, after you have decided which homebuyer to go with, then you have to just see if they will buy your house fast and you can sell your house fast to them. Not just this, if you want all cash for your house and would like the process to take as little time as possible, then that is something the We Buy Houses” Company should be offering. And most of all, you want to sell your house the condition it is in. You don’t want to prep it or stage it. Instead you want to sell it fast, the way it is. And house buyers who make room for this also is the perfect fit.

Easy Steps to Sell House Fast “As Is” For Cash!

Initial stages of selling your home brings with it the stress, hassles, and worries. It is most certainly established that selling your house is tiresome and definitely more of a challenge than buying a house. But as everything else, we have a solution for those homeowners who are looking to sell off their home. Easy steps to sell a house for cash in Jacksonville. Yes, house buyers are the people you are looking for and they will make this possible. Now, you can avoid the entire stressful and hassle process accompanying the sale.

Life in general can be stressful at times. Be it personal experiences, professional, relationships, changes or any unexpected upheaval. And a change in course presents you with shock and surprise. Some of these choices maybe voluntary, but whatever the situation, the end result is the thought of selling house fast “As Is” and for immediate cash.

What are some situations which you face that bring you to the decision of selling your house As Is for cash?

•  You may own a home which is in some serious need of renovations and repairs. All of which need to be carried out prior to the time the house can be listed on the market. And for this, what do you need? A couple of thousands which may not hold well in your current situation. Sometimes, these renovations may not even pay off and the house can be listed for several weeks, maybe even 6-12 months! Plus, don’t forget the real estate commissions of 6% you ought to pay to the “Realtor” which can eat into your profit. Sometimes, selling your house “As Is” is much more cost-effective than spending money, time, and effort to fix it up and sell it.

•  If you’ve recently inherited a house, you know that you cannot own two houses. It’s quite a challenge. Especially when the house is far away from where you are currently living. So, you decide to get sell off the inherited house to the of house buyers. The reputable We Buy Houses buyers do long distance closing and buy the home “As Is” for cash.

•  You got a promotion and you job requires you to move, so selling your house is the best way out. As you may not be coming back to this home.

•  At times, you may come across some unexpected situations which throw you off course, like losing your job, separation, not able to meet deadlines of the mortgage payments, etc. Due to such circumstances, you are looking to sell the house fast in As Is condition for cash.

Now, having established why you want to sell your home, you are looking for dependable people who can help you out with such an event.

The best bet to sell house fast for cash is going the house buyers’ way.

Paperwork, fees and commission, long waiting periods and undergoing repairs and renovation are things which any individual would love to avoid while undertaking the sale process.

House Buyers Show You Easy Steps to Sell House Fast “As Is” for Cash

Yes, it is true. House buyers can show you a hassle-free way of selling your house…how?

a) They buy your house “As Is” which means that you don’t need to carry out extensive or large scale modifications, repairs, or renovations to your house.

b) Not just that, unlike “Realtors” who charge standard 6% commissions, house buyers do not charge anything. Yes, you can get your work done without any hidden fees.

c) They buy houses in as little as 7 days – which means there is no need to wait for around 6-12 months, which is usually the time taken when you go through the “Realtor” route.

d) They follow a hassle-free process.

e) On top of it, they offer all cash for the sale of your house. This indicates that you get the entire money in hand!

You can now breathe! Heave a sigh of relief! It’s time to pick up the phone or fill out the online form and contact house buyers. You got your quick fix solution to sell your home “As Is” and for cash!

Seven Reasons Why You Should Sell Home to ‘We Buy Houses’ Companies

You are thinking through the many choices that lie in front of you, you are at crossroads and still unsure and uncertain as to what path or route to take, whether to go for the traditional Realtor route or a We Buy Houses Jacksonville company to help you in selling your house. The major contemplation is between “real estate agents” and house buyers. Whether the “Realtor” way still holds good or you need someone for quick and fast selling like house buyers. It’s clear that there is only one thing standing tall between you and selling your house – this million-dollar question! The approach to this returning, nagging thought and feeling can be found right here!

A Quick Walk-Through of Selling Your House with the Help of a “Realtor”

The Fundamentals involved are:

1. Going the “Realtor” route involves paying the typical 6% commissions or fees upon final closing. This amount will definitely burn a hole into the money coming your way by selling your house fast. Not just that, it will be an additional cost, there may be some other closing costs involved too.

2. When in engagement with a “real estate agent,” the sale time can vary. In the sense, it could be done in a jiffy without even taking note of how long the entire process took or it may take anywhere between or over 6-12 months. Finding the right buyer can definitely be a gamble.

3. An open house for potential buyers involves prepping, staging and cleaning and this will eat into money, time, and effort which do not necessarily guarantee a sale. It could mean doing the same process over and over again till the right person comes by.

Let’s Look at the Sealed Advantages of Selling Your House to a ‘We Buy Houses’ Company:

•  A house buying company takes away one added stress during the sale process which is – when going the house buyers’ way, you don’t need to clean, renovate, repair, stage or prep your house for potential buyers. You can sell your house “As Is”, no matter ugly or pretty. So, with the least amount of time and effort, your house can be sold to a ‘We Buy Houses’ company.

•  Another advantage is that the house buyers’ route involves 0% fees or commissions.

•  Not only is there no fees or commissions, but they also offer cash for the sale of your house! Whatever the amount was offered will be the final amount you get while closing!

•  A competitively priced offer is made, once the paperwork is drawn up, you can close the entire deal with them in about 7 days! No need of open ended waiting periods or indefinite periods. You know, with them you can close soon.

•  Most of all, this process is a hassle-free and stress-free option. It all happens seamlessly and without that much added effort!

•  A sale with house buyers is guaranteed as you deal directly with them and there are no middlemen involved. You know exactly what is happening and you are completely clued in.

A Little Bit About House Buyers

Professional house buyers are well-established which has been in the industry for a long period and they know what they are doing. Also, having physical office spaces, you know they are not going anywhere. You can approach them anytime!

Contacting home buyers is as easy as it gets – just pick up the phone or fill out the online form. State your issue and within no time, they will get back to you with a competitive offer. Upon accepting that offer, the paperwork is drawn up and then they offer you all cash for the sale of your house. All you have to do is pack your bags and get ready to kick start your new beginning!

Whether you are moving out, changing houses, relocating or you have an inherited home, or on the contrary, you are facing some pressing issues like personal problems, health issues, old age, foreclosure, job loss or facing any situation which requires you to sell home fast, then you can do so with the help of We Buy Houses companies. Whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, they are here to ease your situation and help you gain that momentum back and kick start your life!

Looks like the cash house buyers are the go-to people without doubt as they offer the perfect magic potion!

Buy My House Fast for Cash

Taking it step by step, let’s not probe too deep into the best way or the means to get house buyers to buy my house fast for cash. First let us look at some of the many reasons as to why you want someone to buy your house quickly and over and above that you prefer cash for house.

Why Do You Want Someone to ‘Buy My House Fast’ for Cash?

a) Your ancestral home in Washington, DC was just inherited by you. An inherited house comes with a lot of fond memories because of all the time spent there with your family and loved ones. As kids, those summers breaks and Christmas holidays were the best times of your life. Today, after inheriting the house, you are at crossroads and not sure whether you want the keep the home or sell it, due to reasons best known to you. As life progressed, you settled down with your family and bought a house in the neighboring State of Virginia. The location and place works very well for you. With the inherited home coming your way, you will have to manage two houses – which is something not up your alley. Added to that is maintenance, time, money and effort etc., which is also something you are not prepared for either. After much thought, you’ve decided to sell your house fast to house buyers in Washington, DC and that too for cash. Yes. Under the circumstances, what better way to seek someone to buy my house fast for cash.

b) You still remember those days, as kids when you played in your neighborhood with your friends and neighbors and played pranks and were also up to some mischief. These are everlasting memories that just cannot be blotted as memories stay forever. Your house in Washington, DC dear to you as you spent most of your childhood and adulthood there. Now you have been offered an exciting job. This means, selling your home. You need to move as you have to start work soon. To start afresh you need cash, so you are considering selling your home fast and weighing in options as to ‘who will buy my house fast for cash?

c) The job market is tough; the economy is not great either. You have been given the pink slip. This means that you need to start looking all over for a new job when the market is down. Added to this, you have mortgages, bills and loans to clear off. It is a challenging situation for anyone to be in. It seems that it’s difficult to keep up with the outflow of money and hence after much time and thought, you decide selling your house to bid farewell to some of your problems. The question is – who will buy my house fast for cash?

Now Getting Down to Business –The Fastest Way to Sell My House Fast for Cash

•  It is best to go with local house buying companies. They have the experience, the knowhow, and the physical presence and specialize in buying houses quickly.

•  These We Buy Houses companies buy houses in the “As Is” which means you don’t have to go through all that hassle of repairs and maintenance. Whatever the condition, they will buy it.

•  They offer all cash for the sale and the best part – they don’t charge any commission or fees like the Realtors.

•  This entire process is completed in a hassle-free manner and it is done in about 7 days!

Not only is it a super-fast way, but it’s such a simple and stress-free way out. What you need to do is just this, pack your bags, and get ready to move.

How to Sell Your House in Seven Days without Paying Out a High Commission

Reasons to Sell Your House without Paying a High Commission

As a senior citizen, your children have decided to move you out of your home and into their home – for your safety and wellbeing. So, selling your home is nothing but imperative.

  • Retirement is approaching and you want to make use of this time relaxing in your farmland or by the beach. This means selling your home and moving to the countryside or by the ocean.
  • The weather is not right for you, you prefer sunny, hot and humid climate. So unfortunately, this means moving out of your home to an area with more sunshine.
  • A rough patch has hit you. You cannot keep up with paying bills, mortgages, or loans and selling your house seems like a prospective option for you to move forward and clear debts.
  • The current house is becoming old and the repair and maintenance work is piling up. And you don’t have the time, money, or energy. Hence, you want to sell your house “As Is” and find a better, more suitable home.
  • A change in life events like – change of job, relocation, going abroad to study, marriage etc. has led you to take a decision of selling your current house and move somewhere else.
  • You’ve just inherited a home, although it comes with many memories, your present life does not provide you levy to take care of that home as well. Hence, with reluctance, you decide that selling the house is a good option and you think -How to sell your house in 7 days without paying out a high commission?
  • You are looking to change neighborhoods because of the school district. Also, your commute and time taken to travel is getting to you, so moving closer to work or school is a better choice.
  • Downsizing your home is a common reason to move homes. After the kids have moved to college, your house seems too big for the two of you. A smaller house seems much cozier and apt.
  • Your parents and/or kids have suddenly moved back in and you need a bigger home to accommodate everyone comfortably and hence, you are looking to buy a newer and bigger house.

It can be a singular reason or a bunch of situations but in the end you have a sole motive which is how to sell your house in 7 days without paying out a high commission?

Believe it or not – The solution is present right here:

You should look towards house buying companies! The we buy houses companies come laden with advantages which are beyond your imagination.

House buyers could be a local house buying company with physical office spaces and trained employees to cater to your every need. Being in the business for over 15 years gives them the apt knowledge and expertise to deal with your situation.

Did you know? – With the assistance of house buyers, you can sell your house in the “As Is” condition. Meaning, they will buy your house in whatever condition it is presently in – ugly or pretty, they will buy it!

They pay cash for house and they complete the entire process in as little as 7 days. Most of all, you do not have pay any commissions to sell your home to the cash home buyers.

In totality, this is the icing on the cake, no commissions or fees, all cash for house and your house is sold in as little as 7 days in the “As Is” condition, all in a hassle-free and quick manner.

You’re in? What you need to do is to just pack your bags and get ready to jet set your way into your new home and start afresh.

This is a simple and easy process. And, now you know how to sell your house in 7 days without paying out a high commission.

Luxury Real Estate is Buzzing- Meet a Realtor

Engage an Established Real Estate Agent

If you are taking your first steps in luxury real estate, it helps to have a specialized real estate agent on your side. Agents who deal exclusively in luxury real estate. They can also work on the buyer’s behalf to search available listings and arrange viewings of shortlisted properties. Working with the buyer, they can understand what the client requirements and draw up a list of suitable properties and indicative prices. A seller’s agent uploads the listing and takes care of the negotiations to complete the deal. The services of a buyer’s agent are paid from the commission for a successful sale.

Get your Budget and Financing Sorted before Seeing Houses

This goes to all the buyers. It makes sense to get all financing pre-approved from accredited lenders before you start house hunting. That way, buyers can quickly move on to completing a sale once the price is negotiated and agreed. You could waste precious time getting your loans in order considering the procedure and paperwork involved. Before the sale, buyers should have necessary approvals, credit reports and cash for the down payment in order. An inspection fee may also be required for getting a third party opinion about the property.

Location Sets the Price

When it comes to deciding prices, location is perhaps the most important factor driving rates for luxury homes. A commanding waterfront home does have a high premium among buyers compared to a property that does not. Buyers can ask their real estate agent to estimate the prices at which comparable properties in their desired area are selling for to get a grasp of the prices involved. Waterfront locations in the area rank among the most valuable real estate anywhere in coastal locations worldwide. You can also consult journals specializing in real estate to know prevailing prices.

Keep the Essentials in Mind

When deciding the price, buyers should keep their negotiations focused on the real attributes of the home like its structural health, location and acreage in contrast to easily upgradeable amenities like parking and security systems. Focusing on potential issues uncovered by inspections to drive a lower price is sure to bring positive results for buyers.

Proceed with a Viewing

If you are looking at your first entry into luxury homes, it is best to conduct a viewing of your shortlisted properties with the agent. A viewing will give you a feel of the pluses and minuses of the property which you can then consider while the price negotiations are on.

Yes, you can Negotiate

The real estate market is quite active. A fluid population and large numbers of seniors and professionals looking to settle down in the area ensure that new places are always coming up for sale. So arm yourself with as much detailed knowledge as you can get about the kind of expected prices. Knowing as much as possible about your preferred locations helps you in fixing an adequate price for your dream home.

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